Montag, 23. November 2009

Some cool girls

Todays daily-sketch is not so daily, really. I started it a few weeks ago, when I visited Eva in Ireland. I had to kill some time at the airport, so I started to draw her little cats and just finished it today, after it rested in my sketchbooks for some time now.This it how it turned out. Left one is Murphy, right one is fifi, for those, who do not know evas kittens ;)

The second one is another cute but not so cute in her behaviour - girl. Naevis, the main character from the BD "Sillage". She's well known for always wearing cool outfits and fancy hairstyles. I highly recommend you googel it, in case you dont know it!
As you can see, the drawign is from september last year.


  1. OMG! These are really awesome! The sketch of the cats is just totally their personalities captured on paper. Really really well done, Ly!

  2. Thank you! *bows* I'm glad you like it. And I hear, that it found its way on your refrigeratordoor <3